Relish Digital


I run Relish Digital, an independent communications consultancy dedicated to helping brands speak clearly, effectively and with purpose.


With 20 years’ experience of crafting communications, I create purpose-driven messages and insightful content, positioning brands to enhance their value and minimise their reputational risk. My journey started in-house before moving into consultancy. From this, I’ve built a deep understanding of what it takes to communicate effectively and responsibly. The list below highlights my main areas of expertise.

Purpose, mission and values development

Purpose is a brand’s reason for being. It provides both anchor and compass, giving meaning and direction. Combined with values, purpose guides company culture and is now widely seen as fundamental to creating better, more resilient organisations.

ESG messaging and communications

Brands, or to be precise the companies that own them, are corporate citizens and have a responsibility. Effective and honest communication of a brand’s environmental, social and governance performance is increasingly becoming a key driver of value.

PR and reputation management

Reputations take years to build and minutes to knock down. By having public relations expertise at the heart of a communications programme, brands can be better placed to manage and protect this crucially important asset.

Media training

The success of a communications plan rests on the capabilities of those who deliver it. Tailored media training gives spokespeople confidence to articulate messages on behalf of the brand, in turn enhancing its reputation and value.

Internal communications

Compelling regular internal communication helps cultivate a strong culture. Executed well, employee engagement activity drives positive individual behaviours and aligns teams for success.

Content strategy and execution

Multiple channels, each with specific content requirements, plus higher expectations regarding cadence, all point to the need for a thoughtful content strategy and execution plan, to optimise and amplify brand messaging.


Working as a trusted advisor, I partner closely with my clients. No matter the specific communications requirement, I support brands both large and small to build and deepen their relationships with key stakeholders and grow their positive reputations.


Good communication starts with listening. I work collaboratively with clients to identify their objectives, so we know what success looks like. Having the ‘why’ and ‘what’ informs the ‘how’.


I look to enter into partnerships with brands that share a commitment to purpose-driven, responsible communications, as these are the brands that the world needs to succeed.


My network of creative experts have specialisms in design, artwork, print and production, and we work closely to bring communications strategies to life for clients.


I have two active partnerships within insurance and private equity. Other major brands I have worked with include: Barclays, Santander, Prudential, Audet Magna (on behalf of Metso-Outotec), and Saatchi & Saatchi


If you’d like to find out more about any specific communications service, or have a project in mind then please send me a message on Linked In