I’m an ecommerce & digital marketing expert focused on sports & sports wearables. I’m commercially minded, with a 20-year background in helping omnichannel retailers, consumer brands and investors transform their digital businesses.

I’m lucky enough to combine my passion for sport with my ecommerce knowledge. I’ve always been a competitive athlete, racing up to national and international level to this day for both Twickenham Cycling Club and Teddington Masters Club. I’m a Certified Scrum Product Owner, a DSDM Agile Project Manager and Google Analytics Qualified.


My experience covers full ownership of the end-to-end digital experience including marketing, platforms, analytics, operations, resources, leadership and P&L management. On my journey, I’ve built a strong understanding of what it takes to run a successful digital business, how to leverage technology and how to collaborate with cross-functional areas to plan and deliver projects. The list below highlights my key areas of expertise.

Digital Strategy

Strategy is about winning and winning is about making choices about where and how to play. Good strategy will diagnose your challenges, provide a guiding policy to overcome your obstacles and establish coherent actions to deliver against.

Business Analysis

As strategy visualises the end-game, business analysis gets you there by facilitating change in an organisation by collectively defining business needs, then breaking the needs into component parts to find solutions to the problems.

User Experience

Understand the exact needs of your customer to create meaningful, relevant & easy to use journeys, merging marketing, platforms, content, features and interface design to inspire, engage & convert interest.

Online Marketing

Paid, earned and owned campaigns are made successful by knowing who your target customers are, what they want and when they want it. Prospect, acquire and retain customers on their terms.

Sales Growth

Most visitors to your site don’t intend to purchase, what’s stopping them from buying and how can they be influenced to make a purchase? Use analytics, insights and conversion rate optimisation to maximise the sales potential of the channel.

Ecommerce Operations

Running critical operations such as warehousing, fulfilment, customer service and platform technology along with financial management, reporting, internal & external resource leadership is key to the performance of your ecommerce investment.


Considering the fast-paced, changing nature of business, I use Agile with a small percentage of ‘waterfall’ to deliver projects. This approach allows me to work quickly, efficiently and flexibly to deliver the right result.
Fast & Efficient

I always ask ‘why’ when scoping out a project to ensure the right solution. By having a clear, collective and measurable outcome, a plan can be put in place and prototypes can be produced with immediate feedback loops to test, learn and improve.

Performance Minded

My experience enables me to both deliver quality work and to quickly think through the implications of a project from the immediate impact through to any wider strategies or innovations to help advance the company.

Results Focused

I enjoy getting things done. Being in ‘delivery-mode’ allows me to focus on aligning plans and resources for the outcome of a project. The project may end with the final deliverable, or it may lead to a cycle of continual improvement.


Digital transformation project

inov-8 wanted to have a closer relationship with their runners and sell directly in the UK and USA.

Starting from a base of zero ecommerce infrastructure or digital resource, the first deliverable was to provide a digital strategy and 12-month execution plan. This plan led to appointing an agency to re-platform inov-8.com to Magento 2. The site was then integrated into a new, web-only 3PL and outsourced Customer Service resource. In-house resource was recruited to deliver paid, earned and owned online marketing. The project was delivered on time, on budget and is a successful sales channel.


If you’d like to find out more about specific services or have a project in mind then, please do send a message. Or you can find me on Linked In and Twitter

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